Henton Lodge Hanoverians believes that only the bloodlines of licensed and performance tested, registered German Hanoverian stallions - benefiting from the German very stringent controls and selection criteria - can lead to the breeding of the best possible performance horses. Add to this the strong German stallion selection for rideability, enabling us to breed horses that are not only trainable as performance horses but also suitable for the recreational rider.

Additionally all of our mares have been strictly assessed and classified by the New Zealand Hanoverian Society for acceptance into the New Zealand Hanoverian Studbook.

Predominantly our young stock are bred along strong jumping bloodlines, using only frozen semen from stallions who have shown outstanding potential at the German performance test. This introduces superior jumping bloodlines of the like never seen in New Zealand.

Limited numbers of our young stock are bred along dressage bloodlines, with a touch of jumping blood - a sought after trait.

We also use the services of the local New Zealand imported licensed and performance tested stallions who have predominant dressage bloodlines.

No stallions stand at Henton Lodge Hanoverians.

Stallions that we are presently using either represented in our broodmare band, or as sires:


(1991) BLACK

Anamour is by Aalborg from the Lombard mare Lucille. He is predominantly a horse of dressage bloodlines. "...Anamour's apparent dressage ability, quality as regards presence, combined with flowing elevated movements can barely surpassed..." - a quote from Dr Jochen Wilkens, President of the German Hanoverian Society.

Anamour's dressage score at the performance yest at Adelheidsdorf rated him 5th of the 40 stallions tested. Anamour now has numerous progeny competing very successfully in New Zealand and Australia in the discipline of dressage and some very successful eventers.

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Contendro I


Contendro I is from the Holstein Studbook but by being the outstanding performance test winner at Adelheidsdorf in 2000, has also been accepted into the German and New Zealand Hanoverian Studbooks. Contendro I currently holds the first place for jumping sires in the 2009 German Hanoverian Society Stallion Year Book. He is by Contender who relates directly back to the famous Cor de la Bryere. Contendro I won the performance test with a score of 147.29 convincingly winning the jumping section and was fourth in the dressage. A quote from Ludwig Christmann when evaluating the breed value estimation of jumping sires January 2008: "there is a stallion which received a jumping index of 167, one point higher than Stakkato – Contendro I. This son of Contender together with Stakkato is at present most influential in the breeding of Hanoverian jumper horses"

More information on this stallion can be found at:

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This dark chestnut stallion by Diskus from the State Premium Duker mare Doreen was imported to New Zealand in 1982 following his licensing and performance testing. He was described in the 1981 German Hanoverian magazine as "a particularly noble looking stallion with an ideal top line, full shoulder, clean legged and as having a fluid walk and trot". He was chosen for New Zealand as a versatile sire for show jumpers and eventers in particular, while his beautiful movement also produced lovely dressage horses.

The exploits of his progeny in New Zealand are legendary, being the sire of top show jumpers such as Jeep Super Moth, Duty Free and Skylight to mention only a few and international eventers such as GV Braveheart, Falcon, Denver and GV Danzar.

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Dream Boy


Dream Boy is by the legendary dressage stallion Dream of Glory from the Eisenherz ll mare Erntekrone. Dream Boy was imported to New Zealand in 1999 following his licensing in 1997 and performance testing at Adelheidstorf in 1998. Dream Boy scored 9's out of 10 for his character, temperament, rideability and type at his performance test.

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The son of the great jumping bloodlines of Dynamo, Dynamit completed his performance test in 1984 with a total index of 114.04 in 18th place out of 70 stallions. He was imported to New Zealand and stood a few seasons at stud before his premature death. His limited number of progeny have resulted in many competitive show jumping and dressage horses.

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El Bundy

(1998)  BLACK

By Escudo I from the Rebel Z mare Rosabella, El Bundy completed his three and a half year old stallion performance test at Adelheidsdorf finishing in first place out of the 41 stallions presented. He very convincingly won the jumping section of the test scoring 9.67 out of 10 and placed second in the dressage test. This is undoubtedly an elite stallion whose genetics being made available in New Zealand provide an outstanding opportunity to enhance the jumping bloodlines without compromising movement.

More information on this stallion can be found

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Escudo I

(1991) BLACK

This top German Hanoverian stallion is by Espri, who himself is by Eiger, a sire of both jumping and dressage horses, from the Arkansas mare Athene. Escudo I was licensed in 1993 and performance tested in 1994 at Adelheidstorf. Out of the 37 stallions presented Escudo I was the champion convincingly winning the jumping section. His total index was 134.38. Following that, he was in open show jumping competition and in 1996 was the Hanoverian show jumping five year old champion at Dobrock and reserve champion in Warendorf. Escudo I has himself now sired many popular stallion sons including El Bundy (see above), Earl and Embassy. Both El Bundy and Earl convincingly winners of their Performance Tests.

More information on this stallion can be found

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For Edition

(2000)  BROWN

This outstanding son of Forsyth is from the Leggiero mare Leggiera. Forsyth was by For Pleasure (who was the World Sport Horse Breed Association world leader for show jumpers prior to his retirement, and also managed to be the only horse to belong to the top six Hanoverian jumpers nine times).

For Edition was the convincing winner of the 2003 performance yest at Adelheidsdorf. For Edition was second in the jumping section with a jumping index of 134 and third overall in the dressage section with a dressage index of 132. This combined gave him the lead with a total index of 147.8, a massive eight points ahead of the second horse.

This young stallion is described by Joachim Winter, the manager of the stallion station: "From the first day on he was very willing, sometimes too eager to please. He always wanted to do everything right".

His dam Leggiera has a stong Thoroughbred blood influence going back to the great Ladykiller. This is shown in this stallion as a refining influence allowing him to produce superior athletic horses.

More information on this stallion can be found here:

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Genius was an upstanding bay stallion by Garibaldi I out of Dreamy by Diskus. He was imported to New Zealand from Germany in 1984 having previously completed 11 months testing at Adelheidsdorf in Germany. He was given the highest rideability score by Reinhard Baumgaut, the renowned trainer and rider for the Verband. Genius was competed in New Zealand with success. His progeny have been successesful in dressage, show jumping and eventing. He is the sire of Gabana – who represented New Zealand in dressage at the Athens Olympic Games.

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(1999) BAY

Licensed and performance tested in Germany. Limonit gained the highest dressage score at this performance test in 2002, and was placed third overall out of fifty stallions.

His first New Zealand foals, born in 2006, are firmly stamped with superb colour and type.

Limonit brings to New Zealand the valuable bloodlines of Lauries Crusador xx and Weltmeyer.

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(1999) DARK BAY

Satisfaction is a son of the famous show jumper Stakkato from the Calypso II mare Cecile. Satisfaction at his Performance Test scored similarly high marks for both jumping and dressage, and so is a huge potential sire of horses suitable for the discipline of eventing. Satisfaction scored 8's for character, temperament, willingness to perform, conformation and ridability at his Performance Test and 8.83 for jumping. He was then the first horse to score 9.9 at the Bundeschampionship for his jumping style. Under Eve Bitter (the rider of his sire Stakkato) they have won numerous show jumping titles in open competition. Satisfaction has an integrated FB breed value of 162 which ranks him among the top 1% of the best stallions in Germany.

More information on this stallion can be found here:

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(2009) BLACK